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Personal Care & Mental Health Caregiver Training in Durham, North Carolina

At Enhancement Health Care in Durham, North Carolina, we offer a range of mental health services including personal care and residential support, as well as mental health caregiver training. Turn to us for compassionate, caring, and effective mental healthcare services.
Family, Mental Health Caregiver Training in Durham, NC
Enhancement Health Care offers various mental health services such as:

IDD Waiver Service

IN HOME SKILL BUILDING – Assist adults and children to meet daily living needs at home and in the community.
– A non-habilitating service where staff provides assistance to adults and children in self-care areas. (i.e. bathing, meal preparation, feeding, cleaning living areas, etc.)

RESPITE – Provides relief to families as needed, from a few hours to extended overnight services.


RESIDENTIAL SUPPORT – Assist with the acquisition, retention, or improvement in skills accommodating daily living which enables the client to reside in a residential, non-institutionalized, environment. (i.e. personal grooming and cleanliness)

INDIVIDUAL/ CAREGIVER TRAINING & EDUCATION – Includes training and counseling services for the client as well as his/her family members in order to enhance decision making, impact of developmental disability, information, and education.

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